Let’s talk about your future today.

Your Vision.

This post is definitely for the ambitious folks out there that seek to achieve greatness. Those whose standards are set high and those that refuse to be lazy and not attain the success they desire.

Maybe you have it figured out, and maybe you don’t, but I want to impress upon the importance of identifying your vision in life. Sooner rather than later. By vision, I mean your life’s task, huge goals, dreams and how best to spend your time.

Because in 2017 I have to admit there are a fair amount of people who are lost. There is nothing wrong with being lost but if they had spent their college years or any year for that matter truly figuring out what they wish to do with themselves and their time.

They would be moving much faster in a direction that benefits them the most. But today we now have people hunting for Pokémon on the Pokémon Go video game. Couldn’t their time be spent better elsewhere?

Knowing your vision soon becomes the sole reason you get out of bed in the morning or how you allocate your time.

If your vision does not excite you or even make you a bit scared of being able to achieve it than your vision and goals for yourself are too small. Too narrow. Not nearly big enough to excite you and make you want to act on it with speed.

If you take a moment and close your eyes.. can you see your vision and imagine it in great detail? How it will feel when you get there and if you will continue striving for more or rest on what you have achieved thus far?

It is an interesting thought and one I challenge you to think long and hard about till you arrive at a vision for yourself that makes you smile and eager to work towards.

For me, it took me at least three years to conjure up my complete vision. It also morphs and changes each year slightly due to how the world changes but for the most part my vision is achievable.

By the time I was done, I had identified everything I had needed to accomplish to achieve my vision and got it all down on paper for future reference.

For now, I wish to increase my finance skills and help others to do the same then work towards starting future business ventures of my own.

So one step at a time for now but at least I have my vision and know-how, for the most part, the best steps to take to make it a reality.

So again what’s your vision?

Personally, I don’t spend much time watching TV. I prefer reading books to TV unless I am studying a particular show or film.

Also doing things I cannot seem to gain anything from. Even asking yourself what do you genuinely gain by going out to the bars every weekend or night? Can help you determine whether it is worth your time or not.

Of course, it is good and healthy to have fun and let off steam but if you do such things a lot that you gain very little from then what is the point.

If you desire your vision to become a reality then isn’t it your duty to make it real sooner rather than later?

Your time would be better spent working towards your huge awesome vision or reading Team Stevens newsletters.

Aim higher!

So I am going to leave you with all this in mind and tell you that if you do not have a vision in mind currently and cannot picture it in great detail. You need to stop what you are doing and find some isolation and think about it.

If you do already have a great vision for yourself, then I want to challenge you to raise it even higher than before and see if that doesn’t get your blood moving with excitement.

I believe everyone should have an awesome vision for themselves and should aim higher and dream big.

Life is too short not to, and opportunities are everywhere in today’s world.

So get that vision mapped out then make it a reality for yourself.